A dynamic, black and white photo of a 9 ton excavator on a construction site in mountain terrain

Discount Lift

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Seriously Heavy Lifting

Discount Lift is an internet-based, nationwide equipment rental company that was looking to increase conversion rates on their website. Their team approached us to re-imagine their brand and user interface to increase their rental and sales while expanding their relationships with construction equipment partners.

Branding and logo on a dark background for an internet based company.
Branding and logo on a white background for an equipment rental company
Fulkrum Creative Studio designed a new logo to look like a forklift to appeal to construction companies
Fulkrum Studio designed a playful and creative new logo that looks like a forklift for Discount Lift Rentals.

Reach for Higher Heights

Our team designed the new Discount Lift brand with high-contrast, dynamic images to increase brand recognition and appeal to construction companies, workers and employees. For the new website, we overhauled their entire user experience, focusing on clarity, organization, convenience and ease-of-use.

Fulkrum designed and structured the new website, landing pages and reservation pages to be compatible for computers, tablets and smartphones
To improve the user experience, the focus was on clarity, organization, convenience and small touches of fun and humor.
Online advertisements were designed for Pay Per Click ads to drive business to the nationwide equipment rental business
Fulkrum built CMS Platforms, a new eCommerce store and completed User Interface and User Experience Consulting for Discount Lift

Need A Lift?

Since the launch of their new brand and website, Discount Lift’s conversion rates have risen sharply, and they have expanded their growing network of independent rental yards in all 50 states.

Because the majority of those in the construction industry utilize their smartphone while out in the field, it was essential that the entire website be well organized and mobile friendly.
In three simple steps, a user can quickly find the equipment they need, read the specifications and immediately request a quote.

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