Welcome Baby Ellie!

DJ Ellie listening to some serious beats.

Leaving the hospital, hopefully with the right baby.

The long, scary drive home. Ellie didn’t help.

What the hey, we decided to keep her. But she had to commit to contributing more to the household and not just sleeping all the time.

G.G. – Great Grandma – meeting Baby Ellie!

Thank you Alecia for the props and helping to make Ellie’s baby pictures a big success!

Stay alive. Don’t drink milk and drive.

1st time out in the stroller on a “warm” February day. Thank you Adrian & Amy!

She LOVES her kick and play! Thank you Steve & Lana!

The bunny ears and slippers were a huge hit. Thank you so much, Anne!

Ellie hangs out in the Rainforest daily. Thank you Gwen & James!

Beginning of May and starting to put toys in mouth. Tastes like China.